Welcome to Leah Miau

HI. I can’t remember how many times I’ve tried to blog, probably 1000 times. Exaggerating of course. This is my first WordPress blog, so everything about this site is pretty new to me. Compared to Blogger, this is really confusing. But I needed something new, something fresh, something that will probably make me want to blog more. I’m going to try to be a consistent blogger despite having zero readers. ~HAHAFOREVERALONE~ Anyway, here are a few things you may/may not want to know about me:


  • My name is Leah Noelle. Kidding. Not really Noelle, but it’s a name I absolutely love so I’ll pretend it’s mine
  • I absolutely adore cats. If you do too, we can be friends. Unless you’re homophobic and/or sexist, then scratch that
  • I love reading and photography
  • I live in a small country in Asia
  • I’m not a morning person but I wish I was
  • I might post a ton of photos of my Living Dead Dolls #creepydollscreepybabies
  • I might also post tons of photos of my cats and books
  • I was most behaved in kindergarten and the first grade

kthxbye. 🙂